My Name is Killian….I have a message to share

Hello, my name is Killian….I have a message to share.
Are you feeling a little down lately?Killian Picture 1

Maybe even dressing up can’t cheer you up.Killian Picture 2

So you say….hey lets spend some quality time out with the kids! That will work!

Killian Picture 3

But the weather turns bad and all you can do is sit and watch the rain

killian 4

killian 5

Well…you can do what I do and try hard to remember those sunny happy days

killian 6

Sometimes a little drinky poo will help you

killian 7

Whatever you choose to do…remember….Things will get better….

and at least you don’t have a face like this…..

killian 8

Mommy has too much time on her hands……toooo…

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