Betty The Boston Terrier

Betty The Boston TerrierBetty pic 01

Betty was found on the side of the road about 5 years ago in Lancaster County, PA. By the look of her, we could tell she had been bred many times.

Upon vetting, it was discovered that Betty had a cancerous tumor on her chest. Upon removal of the tumor, it was discovered that the cancer had spread into her lymph node. The doctor gave her about 6 months to a year to live. We started her on a completely grain free diet with plenty of vegetables.

Having just lost a Boston to cancer, I knew what to expect.

Miraculously, after the first year, and every year after, there hasn’t been any sign of cancer returning!

It took a few months for Betty to acclimate to our home and the other dogs, she was very skittish, fearful of touch. Loud noises startled her. She was not housebroken and her main goal seemed to be to escape.

We used holistic calming treats and spent many hours talking and singing to her. Over time, her confidence grew. She became playful and silly. She found a best friend in our pit bull mix puppy named Champ.

Betty-pic-05We refer to Betty as Momma Betty because she happily takes all younger dogs under her guidance and teaches them manners and some of the rules of the house. She can be tough when needed, or comforting, depending on what situation arises.


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