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5 Easy and fun ways to help us help these dogs!road-sign-464646_640


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1. Educate your friends and family!
Lets them know shopping in a pet store that sells puppies and kittens is not a good idea. Tell them adoption is such a better option!

2. How about your own little fundraiser? Maybe on a weekend you and your friends can sell lemonade, iced tea, have a yard sale, bake sale or collect cell phones! Proceeds would greatly help us with medical bills.

3. Make your next report or language paper about puppy mills and help educate!

4. Get involved at your local shelter or rescue. Volunteers are always needed.

5. Donate blankets, towels, food and treats. If your having a party or gathering, ask your family and friends to bring a new dog toy, or treats for donation.

Not only will you be helping make a real difference, you will feel really good about yourself!
Don’t forget to send us a picture of you having your fundraiser so we can post it on our web page!

Check out this Poem written by 12 yr old Muriel.S from Stow, Ohio.