Poem by Muriel

Poem by Muriel from Stow Ohio

Muriel is 12 years old and wanted to write a poem about animal abuse, we can tell from her poem she cares about how animals are treated. In writing this poem, Muriel said she wanted to convey a message that anyone could help and make a difference. 

We have the power

We have the power to do what’s good,
Making good choices that seem right,
One Action can change the world.

Make a bad choices,
Someone will have to pay,
For nothing they did.

This is true you see,
Animals being abused,
For no good reason.

We can stop this if we try,
No one wants an animal to die,
No good comes out of this,

We can stop it,
Let use be their hero,
Speak up for them.

We need to be their voice,
Stop this horror thing,
Be proud of what you’re doing.

Everyone has,
A little bit of heroism in them,
Together we can fight.

Muriel S – Stow, Ohio

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