Many people believe just because a dog has AKC papers that they are healthy and genetically OK.


All AKC papers mean is that your dog is pure bred.
(In many cases that’s questionable)

When people get pet store dogs and breed them, trouble can happen.

This is what happened with Blake.

Blake is a Puppy Mill Dog that Needs Your HelpBlake is a 4 year old Boston Terrier who finds himself in need of a new home. He was born in a home that showed him lots of love for the first 4 yrs until one 4th of July.

The stress from the fireworks caused a seizure and since he is no longer “perfect”, he found himself unwanted.

Even though this woman created this life, she felt no responsibility towards him when things went south and it was up to a rescue organization to not only pick up the pieces of Blake’s broken heart, but his medical needs too!

Blake has epilepsy, which is treated with medicine. He will always need his pills each day. (They are not expensive at all)

He is a sweet, loving boy. Good with dogs and children. We don’t know about cats.

He loves to snuggle and play ball. He is a gentle soul and we are working very hard with our vet to make him healthy again.

Since our home is a foster home, it’s more stressful for him than we would like.

If you would like information or an application, please contact

** Blake update~10/28/15

It seems Phenobarbital is not the medicine for Blake. Unfortunately the medicine stopped helping and his seizures became more frequent and severe.

With the help of our veterinarian, we are starting him on another type of medicine that is just a little more expensive. ($70.00 every 40 days)

Though until he is regulated, he will need a quiet home with someone who works from home, or stay at home Mom, or retired. (Dogs with epilepsy that is under control can still seize once every 3-4 weeks)

Since his medication change, we are praying for the best and that he pulls through this.

Only time will tell!

Please Consider helping us to care for Blake and other sick rescue dogs like him by taking part in our current fundraiser or a small donation. We currently have another precious soul Daisy, who needs to have a knee fixed. Any donations will help us continue to rescue and care for Puppy Mill Dogs and raise public awareness to their plight.

We are rely solely on our fundraisers and kind donations that enable us to continue rescuing and caring for Blake, Daisy and other rescued Mill Dogs. A tax deductible donation of any amount would be gratefully received and go towards veterinary care for these precious souls!


Or by check to: PMAD
988 W. Veterans Hwy
Jackson, NJ 08527