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Puppy Mill Awareness Day was founded in 2003.

stop-40155_640As rescuers and animal advocates, we realized this topic was mostly untouched and needed to be addressed on a larger scale.

Our mission is to educate the public concerning the abusive conditions and practices existing in commercial dog breeding facilities, or “puppy mills,” throughout the United States.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day (PMAD) also rescues and rehabilitates breeding dogs that are surrendered into our care. We provide much needed veterinary care, as well as socialization.

Watch our puppy mill dog slide show to see some of our dogs.


Our organization has excellent working relationships with several veterinarians in our area, who take an active role in the medical triage, care and recovery of many of the puppy mill survivors. These dogs are nursed back to health, spayed or neutered, and made available for adoption.

Our volunteers are available to speak at different events to help raise awareness of the plight of these dog and cats. (Yes, there are kitten mills too!)

If you would like a invite a speaker or just find out more information, contact awarenessday@aol.com

Our organization also offers to help sponsor “Puppy Mill Awareness Day” events which other animal welfare and shelter organizations host to focus public attention on the crowded, squalid conditions in many commercial breeding facilities and the lack of basic veterinary care, poor food, lack of clean water and lack of adequate exercise space that puppy mill breeding dogs and mill puppies must endure.

How YOU can help:

Foster homes are always needed. To find out more info and how to apply contact Katnb@aol.com

Donations are accepted. We are a not for profit 501 C 3. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. PMAD has ZERO paid employees. All donations go towards education and the direct needs of foster dogs.

Fundraising is constant! You can donate your old car, boat, motor home to PMAD!

We collect used cell phones, iPods, and iPads!

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